Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

Mobile Construction Waste Crusher

Supply Ability:10-50set/sets per month


Shipping Ports:Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin

Application:Mining, building materials, highway, construction waste recycling

Mobile construction waste crusher overview 
Mobile construction waste crusher can debris waste to treasure. Most construction waste, solid waste, usually during the construction or repair of old buildings, generated during demolition. Content of different structural types of waste generated by the construction of various components, although different, but the basic components are the same, mainly by soil, sediment, scattered mortar and concrete, chiseling masonry and concrete fragments generated reinforced concrete piling under the cut pile head, metal, bamboo wood, waste generated decoration, all kinds of packaging materials and other waste and other components. 
Using of concrete and masonry construction waste produced aggregate thickness by the mobile Construction Waste Recycling Equipment, that can used to produce the corresponding concrete, mortar, or the preparation of such intensity level blocks, panels, tiles and other building materials; brick production using waste aggregates can be used for the production of recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials. 

Mobile construction waste crusher great advantages 
1. Most of construction waste after crushing by Mobile Recyclers, the whole process can reduce the construction waste. 
2. The construction waste crushing can saving natural resources, protecting the environment. 
3. Mobile construction waste crusher and its utilization by the feeding station set construction waste crushing, transfer, processing, re-processing and other technology equipment as a whole, through different devices combined into a powerful mobile recycles and processing lines, and more needs to complete construction waste processing operations.
Mobile construction waste crusher application 
1. Mobile construction waste crusher has advantages of reasonable structure optimization, the lighter the workstation and versatility, overcome the equipment components put takes up field large fission, the disadvantages of decentralized operation multifarious. 
2. Implementation consists of traditional "building materials to building, construction waste" to "building materials to building, construction waste to renewable raw materials, new product" of the new building materials industry chain and recycling economy, low carbon economy production operation mode transformation. 
3. For users to choose models are: 80 t/h-200 portable construction waste crushing station, mobile construction waste crushing combination - brick production line (mobile brickworks), mobile construction waste recycling equipment processing - use the workstation 300 t/h or more large stationary construction waste crushing station, more than 300 t/h and fixed construction waste recycling processing station, the recycling of the construction waste/used equipment


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