Mobile basalt crushing plant application in the basalt sand production line

Basalt is a hard and tough, and higher silicon content of the material, and it is more difficult to crushing in the actual crushing operations, the high cost of broken material. Therefore, the basalt crushing process must be designed reasonable, considering the investment costs broken items, we must consider the cost of production line.
basalt mobile crushing plant is used in the whole basalt sand production line. Raw material is basalt crushing operations, the loss of jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate and other wear parts is very high. Therefore, the design of the crushing process, as the choice of laminated principle crushing equipment, to reduce the loss of wearable pieces. Typical lamination device configuration is two broken jaw or broken jaw plus cone crusher process configuration. If the customer on the final stone grain type have higher requirements, you can then configure a back-breaking conduct integer broken, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. Higher investment costs three stage crushing will inevitably lead the project, but for long-term operation of stones factory, three-stage crushing to reduce the production cost is very considerable. This is more difficult for someone like crushed basalt stone materials can also be used to counter broken jaw broken plus two crushing process. However, this will inevitably lead to loss of back-breaking high of plate hammer, hammer short-lived, high anti-feed ratio and other issues, these manufacturers and customers deserve attention.
Hebei, a basalt mine in the tender to select a full set of equipment and general contracting services Zhengzhou Dingsheng gravel project provided by the Ministry, the Ministry of Zhengzhou Dingsheng gravel line item not immediately set basalt Crushing Plant team of experts to develop equipment selection and configuration, providing basalt production line project (design, construction, installation) turnkey service, providing general contracting due to Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering, also regularly visit the operations of the production line, from installation to production operations, customers are very peace of mind is also very at ease. The production line has been operating well and achieved good economic benefits.

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