Mobile construction waste crusher---The terminator of the city construction waste

The construction waste is increased year by year with Chinese urbanization development, and it has accounted for 30% -40% of the total municipal solid waste. Now new mobile construction waste crusher is used in the market, that can be a new “terminator” of the city construction waste.
According to related statistics, the number of construction waste has accounted for 30% -40% of the total municipal solid waste. To 500-600 tons / square meters of standard projections, by 2020, China will add a gross floor area of about 300 million square meters of new construction waste generated will be a shocking figure. Due to the complexity of construction waste contains substances, accumulation space is limited, the traffic is not very convenient, general equipment difficult to handle.

DSMAC mobile construction waste recycling equipment can select the type of material and coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can operate independently Raiders single group, but also the composition of the system can be flexibly configured unit joint operations. For the integration of mobile crushing station group practices, the material can be the first line of the scene broken, eliminating the material transported from the scene and then broken, the middle part of the processing, greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials. Construction waste crushing flexible configuration according to the actual site design modifications or special mobile crushing station, ideal for construction waste crushing. In addition the use of mobile crushing station is fully equipped with energy-saving features, the production process to reduce noise, dust and other factors that reduce pollution and many have been reasonable solution. Crushing plant processing capacity, best meet the needs of construction waste.

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