Mobile aggregate crushing plant is with specially design to improve capacity

Sand and gravel aggregate is a key factor affecting the quality of concrete construction. Compare with the traditional fixed aggregate crushing line, mobile aggregate crushing plant have more flexibility, also especially suitable for small hydropower station, construction starts early and need of highway construction, such as sand and gravel aggregate on site.

At the beginning of the project aggregate crusher plant, permanent ballast system has not yet formed, often using small temporary crusher equipment production of sand and gravel aggregate, so it is hard to ensure the concrete construction quality. For some longer engineering concrete construction front, permanent ballast system after forming, because the position has been fixed, in the remote area construction, the raw material must be made to the construction site, sometimes also have to add to intermediate storage yard, this increased the transportation cost, dawn heavy industry research and development production of mobile aggregate crushing plant is a professional equipment to solve these problems, it will bin + crushing, screening, adhesive tape transportation device and other auxiliary device placed on a scooter, mobile convenience, ballast system layout, equipment characteristics such as small volume.
As a professional mobile aggregate crushing plant supplier, DSMAC mobile crushing station includes two series: crawler mobile crushing station and rubber-tyred mobile crushing station. All the equipment and structure of the crushing station is to use the most advanced steel products research and development, in terms of quality customers can achieve one hundred percent of the trust.

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